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NF Exteriors came to me with a traditional marketing challenge. As a home renovation and repair company they frequently need to market small areas heavily with traditional media after natural disasters, I created a series of printed products to achieve that goal.

nf 01_edited.jpg
NF Exteriors: Image

The first project completed for NF Exteriors has updated business cards. With an ultra-modern and sleek design, they really wanted to stand out.

nf 02.png
NF Exteriors: Quote

The next piece of collateral requested was a door hanger to be placed on nearby neighbors' doors to let them know when and what location was being renovated. This piece doubled as a sales tool as neighbors' homes were also likely damaged.

NF Exteriors: Bio

Yards signs were then designed to place in the yard of the job as it was completed.

nf 03.png
NF Exteriors: Quote
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