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Pruitt services contacted me looking to update their image in a big way. With an incredibly dated logo and style as they branched out from just offering electrical service, the goal was to keep the primary color but ditch everything else.

logo color.png
Pruitt Electric: Welcome

The original logo focused only on the electric services offered, I was able to keep elements of the original logo. Like the blue and grey color scheme and the general font shape for "PRUITT"

Pruitt Electric: Quote
recruitment cards.png

The next step was creating business cards and recruitment cards as they needed to acquire employees with new skill sets.

Pruitt Electric: Quote
pruitt paperwork.png

Then I designed updated expense trackers and invoice sheets to fit the new style.

Pruitt Electric: Quote
pruitt checklist.png

Followed by restyling other forms like the Annual Breaker Panel Checklist

Pruitt Electric: Quote


Pruitt Electric: Image
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