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One of our existing clients came to us and asked us to help launch his new air filteration business venture, of course we said yes, and Filter Junkie is the result!

Filter Junkie: Welcome

Creating a Mascot

From the beginning, the client knew they wanted a fun and relatable mascot. But with a name like junkie, I was cautious to move the branding as far away from the negative connotation of the word as possible. Thus the Filter Fanatic was born, his large head, spectacles, and coat lean into the intelligence side of the brand. The client loved the idea, and they loved the colors but decided that they wanted to push a sporting element into the mix. which gave me the feedback I needed to complete his design.

Filter Junkie: Image

Finalizing the Logo

Wanting to give the logo something special I created two versions of the logo with one tiny change. Regardless of the position of the Filter Fanatic in relation to the logo his eyes always move to show him looking at the rest of the logo. I also created a wealth of varients based on color options.

filter logo.PNG
Filter Junkie: Image

Once approved the final version of the Mascot was locked down and different poses were created for use on the website.

Filter Junkie: Text
Filter Junkie: Pro Gallery
decals example_edited.png

Inventory Setup

The next step was to build out decals and labels for the products. As the website was still in production at this point I worked hand in hand with the Web designer to generate QR codes that functioned for pages that had not yet been built. After approval of the initial design I had to create over 30 different decals and labels for all of the filters on offer.

Filter Junkie: Image

Flyer Design

(Click to enlarge) Created for the launch of the website.

filter junkie flyer.png
Filter Junkie: Image
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